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Track It Forward is the on-line reporting system used by DCV.  You may enter your time on Track It Forward in either of two ways--

                               #1 - Download the Track It Forward app to your phone, tablet other device, or

                               #2 - Go to and enter your user name and password.

There are 4 fields in the time entry system. 

  • HOURS:  Select the time spent from the drop down menu. 


  • DATE VOLUNTEERED:  Select the date that you volunteered.  The current date is the default.


  • ACTIVITY:  Select from the categories on the drop down menu.  The categories are explained below.


  • NOTES:  This is an optional text box for entering additional information.  Ways to use Notes are explained below in the descriptions of the Activity categories.


The first group of categories are for services to a member of DCV. 


               CARE GROUP:  Use this category if you are participating in an established care group.  Report your time for the care group here, even if it could also be under a different Activity (such as driving).  Use the Notes box to name the care group and describe what you did.  For example, the Notes box could say: “Mary Smith care group.  Driving for groceries”.


               DRIVING:  Use this category if you are driving other than in a care group.  Use the Notes box to include the name of the person driven. 


               FRIENDLY VISITS AND CALLS:  Use this category if the primary purpose of your visit or call is to be in touch with the member.  You do not need to report separately if you do small tasks such as putting away groceries.  If you do a larger task, you can separate that time into a separate entry under Other Volunteer Services to Members.  You can include the name of the person in the Notes box.


               FOOD PROVISION:  Use this category if the primary purpose is to prepare and/or deliver food to a member. This includes buying groceries for members.  Do not use this category if you are doing this as part of a care group, instead put it under the Care Group category.


               OTHER VOLUNTEER SERVICES TO MEMBERS:  Use this category for anything that is not specifically included in a prior category, such as household maintenance or snow shoveling.



There are three categories of things that you do to help keep DCV in operation.


  • COMMITTEE WORK:  Use this category for any work with a Committee, such as the Membership Committee or the Live and Learn Committee.  This includes time spent at meetings and doing activities of the committee.   In the Notes box, put the name of the Committee.


  • EVENTS:  Use this category for time you spend helping with an event such as the Winter Party, a special event like a lecture, or any other event.  Do not use this category for work on the Gala Committee, the Celeb Salon Committee or the Sunday Soup Salon Committee, which should go under the Committee Work category.   In the Notes box, indicate the event.


  • OTHER TIME FOR DCV:  Use this category for anything you do for DCV administration that is not covered in Committee Work or Events.  This category includes work as a DCV officer or Board member.  Do not include work done as a volunteer helping individual DCV members.   You can use the Notes box for information if you wish.

For questions about Track It Forward, e-mail Steve Kittrell at


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