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Dupont Circle Village relies on donations to support our many activities for members who embrace living independently and staying connected.


Gifts and donations are tax deductible. Dupont Circle Village is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 


All donations help Dupont Circle Village to continue our important operations.  For example:

  • A $50 donation allows us to train two new volunteers who will provide critical help to members in need.

  • A $100 donation supports the membership of a low-income senior in our community for a year.


Your donations can be made to:

  • Essential Program Support of our volunteer training, programs to reduce social isolation, services to members in need, and other activities.

  • Open Village Fund which subsidized memberships for low-income individuals.


Any donation may be designated as a memorial on the donation page.

DCV Members also have the opportunity to offer support through the DCV Legacy Heritage Fund.

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